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Bitcoin & Markets

Oct 19, 2017

PoW! Bitcoin Market Update---Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. --- *** Prices Bitstamp - $5704 3M Futures - $5711 spread - ~$0 After a period of normalization for the spreads, they came back to even yesterday at the bottom, setting up for the next leg up. Market Cap - $94.6B Global MC - $169B Maximalist Price - $10212 - This fell because altcoins are starting their decline IMO Avg Tx Value - $4235 On chain Vol - $2.2B transacted on chain in 24 hrs Segwit % - 14% Latest Difficulty retarget was +6.5% -3% or +10% Mempool - 22MB Localbitcoins - $53M Paxful volume hit $9M Total over $62M public OTC. --- Resources page on Recently added futures curve: Futures for 2x, 28 days There are three markets open now for Segwit2xCoin futures, all are showing ~0.12 btc. Not having replay protection is a weakness for 2x, not a strength. Mike Belshe the CEO of BitGo's Medium posts. Mike has had a couple medium posts pleading the 2x case. They are full of BS, debunked statements or lies. OKEx twitter poll vs Futures price Calls for the "Bitcoinization" of Venzuela on CNBC An Evening in Wonderland by @ReformedBroker Bittrex Freezes Accounts China National Convention 3 takeaways: --- Thank you bitcoin