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Bitcoin & Markets

Nov 30, 2019

We are seeing the slow motion collapse of Ethereum in front of our eyes. I debrief the Adam Back comparison of Ethereum to Theranos and Vitalik's toxic reply to me of "ok bitcoiner". Short but dense episode.

Show notes:

Vitalik tweet

Nov 22, 2019

Dense episode today. We talk about the recent bitcoin price drop and how or if China had anything to do with it. China has come out with massive support for "blockchain" yet they are cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges. Are we in crazytown or are they serious? We've seen this before. The Central Bank Digital...

Nov 15, 2019

In this episode, I skip the price talk for the most part and talk about some news items. I take a deeper dive into Lightning Network for Bitcoin and the hot new app for private chat called Whatsat. Then go after Bianco the Chief of FinCEN and his comments quoted in Reuters. Lastly, I discect OMFIF-IBM's report on...

Nov 2, 2019

In this episode I go over the bitcoin price movements over the last week and hit on the big news items of the week. The first news item is the China's complete U-turn into blockchain. Next I discuss the doxxing of customers by Bitmex, Coinbase's unscheduled downtime and the wide fluctuations caused in the market....