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Bitcoin & Markets

Apr 27, 2020

In Part 3, I answer some critiques and questions from the audience. The discussion on liquidity and Repo, the base layer of the Eurodollar system is now moved to Part 4 coming up soon.

Questions from Epistemicrisis, Xan, CryptoGamer and Colin Harper.

WTF is happening with the Fed?! - Is this inflation w/ Ansel Lindner -...

Apr 23, 2020

In this episode I tackle different types of money, debt, fiat and commodity monies. I discuss how they behave differently as a global money standard. Debt has a unique aspect of global deflation that's not shared with other forms of money. I discuss bailouts at money replacement, not money expansion. Finally, I wrap up...

Apr 22, 2020

In part one of this series I describe two important schools of thought on the global monetary system and the future of the dollar: the Dollar Milkshake and the Eurodollar. Then I try to establish a definition for inflation as a monetary phenomenon based on mainstream Milton Friedman, Mises and my own defintition....

Apr 5, 2020

Hi Bitcoiners, I'm reading through my Friday newsletter The Fundamentals Report along with my extra commentary. Topics covered are the virus and effects of lock downs and shortages in gold and the dollar. I also talk about how bitcoin fits into this market.

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