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Bitcoin & Markets

Jul 25, 2018

SUBSCRIBEiTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | RSSGET OUR FREE FUNDAMENTALS REPORTA weekly report with all the fundamentals you hear about on the show. Stay informed, and it's free.SUPPORT THE SHOW!No Ads + Member Content on PATREONBTC or PayPal DONATEOur Big Page of Educational LinksNEWSETF insider comments “90%” “waiting for ICO regulation along with it.” I think it will happen. “through open doors to all color of products” altcoin ETFs and futures. Direxion Top Ten Crypto ETF filing ETH parity news Naval His claim was hodlers are free riders Scammer Profile  - Marshall Long;all - FinalHash - owner of largest mining farm in NA -> largest host -> host -> consultant for corporate players. Basically a front for multiple scams - Betarigs - exited with lots of people trying to get their money back (Ahmed) - Hashers United - Paycoin (lots of evidence he conspired with Garza) - GAW selling/buying rigs for them - MAT - Crypsy as “interim-CTO” “CTO, co-founder” moving their operations to China - Stories of Chinese mining, “Mining Prince” - Mintsy - Long term Houston scam connection with Leo Iruke and Adrian Thomas - Money laundering - Penny stock pump and dump Austrian conversations JW: It was an inevitability that gold would lead to central banking.I made this argument 2 years ago. EP9 back in Jun 2016JW had a hilarious response, “We are on the third central bank of the US, right?” Walter Block: “Gold was money” “gov got rid of gold, they can get rid of bitcoin” “it’s dependent on electricity. If there’s no electricity, there will be no bitcoin.” FOLLOW @AnselLindner | @btcmrkts | Instagram | Facebook THANK YOU LISTENERS!Huge list of episode sources Music by Joakim Karud and Shinobi Fountain**DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice, do your own research.**