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Bitcoin & Markets

Nov 16, 2023

Bitcoin & Markets: Macro, money, geopolitics and news


In this live stream replay, I discuss bitcoin's recent price action and its relation to other markets. I also spend some time trying to articulate the tidal nature of markets. We have enter a pre-recessionary time, and while prices can fluctuate or seemingly reverse for a period, like a week or two, the trend is still intact toward a recession. Pre-recession includes falling yields, rising stocks and rising safe havens. Imminent-recession period, like the 1 month before the recession officially starts, we will get a slightly different behavior. Yields will crash rapidly as stocks sell-off some of their pre-recession gains. I expect bitcoin to be similar here, but also benefit from network effects of adoption. Bitcoin should also get a cash-related bid in the imminent-recession period.

Next, we watch Cathie Wood talk about the ETF. Nothing super new here other than she uses my exact language that "bitcoin is a hedge against inflation AND DEFLATION."

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