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Bitcoin & Markets

Nov 26, 2017

Bitcoin & Markets Update 11/26/17---Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- We're on YouTube! --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. or to donate bitcoin, litecoin or paypal --- This is not investment advice people, do your own research, I say some crazy stuff on this show, it could all be psuedoscience. ---- Recent chart tweet: Prices Bitstamp - $8902 The Finney: $0.89 Loose bitcoin price (including forks): $10,953 3M Futures - $8897 spread 0 Spread was negative and shifted positive, bitstamp vs okex 3M, perfectly as the market turned up, no even CME still "second week of Dec" no official date. Market Cap - $150B! Global MC - $284B Maximalist Price - $17,054 Avg on chain tx value - $7035 BTC $ val tx'ed on chain (24h): $2.4B Difficulty: -8%, 7.9% or 4.4% - I estimate about 5-10% increase Mempool: 5MB OTC Localbitcoins: $63.3M/wk Paxful: $9.7M/wk LedgerX: $2.6M to $6M/wk to $2.1M this wk, Holiday Total public OTC data: $79M to $75M/wk I'll update this on my twitter when new weekly numbers drop soon. --- Ethereum and Parity Funds are still stuck. Debate rages. Bcash It's has failed to rally as hard as last holiday weekend. Bithumb volume down. Their DAA has performed better than I expected. Tether Of course, tether is centralized, but it can be replaced, Other exchanges bank accounts are more at risk and could cause more damage that tether Mining This is an important play. The Core devs are so far out in front that they started planning for bitcoin's privacy upgrades months ago. To ease a privacy upgrade, decentralized mining is paramount. --- Thank you bitcoin. Music by Joakim Karud and Die Antwoort