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Bitcoin & Markets

Jun 13, 2018

SUBSCRIBEiTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | RSSGET OUR FREE FUNDAMENTALS REPORTA weekly report with all the fundamentals you hear about on the show. Stay informed, and it's free.SUPPORT THE SHOW!No Ads + Member Content on PATREONBTC or PayPal DONATEOur Big Page of Educational LinksNEWSBruce Fenton has been promoting Ravencoin - Strawman 1: “you don’t think Ravencoin will work, because you have to trust the securities issuers”. Nope, it's because everyone must trust the government. - Strawman 2: “you don't know how inefficient the traditional market is.” Nope, I agree it's horribly inefficient, but that's not because they don't have the tech to make it better. They're in a regulatory prison. Have you heard of Digicash? Ravencoin is trying to replace DTCC, which is basically government. Fiat money has bloated the financial sector. In a bitcoin world, equities will be relatively less important. Ripple EOS is a self-contradiction. Bcash, No Honor Amongst Thieves Switzerland vote Former FDIC chair wants a digital currency from the Fed CFTC commissioner to UN EM Central Banks ask for a break Bitcoin mining efficiency FOLLOW @AnselLindner | @btcmrkts | Instagram | Facebook THANK YOU LISTENERS!Huge list of episode sources Music by Joakim Karud, ChinBeatz, and BeatsAer**DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice, do your own research.**