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Bitcoin & Markets

Sep 27, 2017

PoW! Bitcoin Market Update---SHARE and FOLLOW --- Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. --- Prices Bitstamp - $4080 3M Futures - $4054 spread - $25 Market Cap - $66B Global MC - $140B Maximalist Price - $8470 Difficulty - -3% or 3% Mempool - 3MB Avg Tx Value on chain - $2936 - I'd like to see this higher Localbitcoins - $59M transacted last week Paxful volume hit $9.9M for the first time last week Total over $70M public OTC Falkvinge tweet rant I'm sick of weak freedom fighters, limp wristed anarchists, hermit old men stacking silver and gold. Bitcoin is going to swallow all of that. --- DXY - 93.37 Gold - $1289 SPX - 2496 EURUSD - 1.174 - called the small head and shoulders w/ invalidation above 1.205. Never got that high. Pattern complete at ~1.150. Catalonia The spanish govt went around the region and grabbed all the paper ballots. Which is funny, because technology will set you free. They could just design a website, host it internationally, give access to polling places only. Kurdish Referendum is more important that Catalonia Initial reports out of the region are that yes won. Turkey quickly threatened to cut off their pipeline to the region. I think Erdogan is in a hard place. I remember a conversations about 10 years ago 30k ft over Iraq, hearing that a Kurdistan State is a nightmare for regional powers. There is a great video on the subject here. Turkey reaction --- Music by Joakim Karud