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Bitcoin & Markets

Jul 29, 2017

PoW! Bitcoin Market Update--------------------------------SHOW NOTES available Thanks for listening! ----- SHARE and FOLLOW Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts ----- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $1-5/mo. ----- BTC-e is down. It's not coming back. This was one of the oldest exchanges in bitcoin. I liked the anonymous no KYC aspect and was a big supporter of them. It turns out that 95% of ransomware and other hacks were going through btc-e. They say they will come back, but I doubt it at this point. "Bitcoin's consensus rules are rules chosen by Bitcoin miners,[...]. If miners adopt new consensus rules, those people that run full Bitcoin network nodes must upgrade..." They don't get that miners follow the rules demanded by the users. Even their boss Jihan knows this because he went along with segwit. Whale Panda was cited on ZeroHedge. His theory, my reaction. ----- Music by Joakim Karud