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Bitcoin & Markets

Dec 26, 2017

Bitcoin & Markets Update 12/26/17---New to bitcoin? Looking for more info? Do your own research! Start here. --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. or to donate bitcoin, litecoin or paypal --- Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, do your own research, this is all psuedoscience. ---- PRICES Bitstamp: $15,297 1 finney: $1.52 Mayer Multiple: $5600 = 2.5, 3M Futures: $16,455 spread: + $1200 - 7.8% CME Futures 1M - $15,400 MARKET SIZE and METRICS Market Cap: $259 B Global MC: $583 B Maximalist Price: $34,736 Avg on-chain tx value: $11,006 BTC dollar value tx'ed on-chain (24h): $2.5 B Over Xmas no less! NETWORK STATS Difficulty: +0% est in 6 days - New stats and look, I like it. Mempool: 10MB - On tradeblock by filtering the most ill-intended txs out. 200MB on JoHoe's site. Merged PRs: 21 Merges and 17 closed issues over the last 7 days, even over xmas. OTC VOLUME Localbitcoins: $133.9M/wk Paxful: $9.8M/wk LedgerX: $3.9M/wk Total public OTC data: $147.6 - $115.0M/wk last PSA: Centralized exchanges are invasive, slow and outside your control. Check out p2p exchanges like (hit $291k in volume!) --- Coinbase #FireArmstrong #LeaveCoinbase #Conbase Coinbase is in the big leagues now. They've been a bad actor in bitcoin for years, with Armstrong as a total tool. aquired by Samourai Externalities --- Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- We're on YouTube! --- Thank you bitcoin. We are all Satoshi. Run a Full Node. Music by Joakim Karud and Kontekst