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Bitcoin & Markets

Feb 26, 2018

Bitcoin & Markets 2/26/18--------------------New to bitcoin? Looking for more info? Do your own research! Start here. and here Run a Full Node. -- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. or to donate bitcoin, litecoin or paypal -- **Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, do your own research, this is all psuedoscience. Sources below. -------------------- Hello WCN! PRICES -------------------- Bitstamp: $9747 / 1 finney: $0.97 Mayer Multiple: Spot/200 MA ($8569) = 1.1 (1) 3M BTC Settled Futures (Mar): $9581 / spread: - $150 or 1.7% CME Futures: Mar18 $9,590 / Jun18 $9,420 (2) Bitmex Futures: Mar18 $9660 / Jun18 $9736 The market seems to be in an equilibrium around $10k. There's a lot of consolidation happening. MARKET SIZE and TRANSACTIONS -------------------- Market Cap: $165 B Dominance Index: 100% lol Global Bitcoin MC: $433 B NVT (Network Value/Transaction): 100.65 (3) Maximalist Price: $25,698 USD value tx'ed on-chain (24h): $0.75 B Avg tx Val (24h): $5107 I don't really buy the NVT hypothesis as a P/E ratio for bitcoin totally. But I'll include it here for now. SECURITY -------------------- Difficulty: est. +4% to +7% in 7 days (4)(5) FEES -------------------- Mempool: 30MB, ~14 sat/b (6)(7) We will see more efforts to encourage spending by entreprenuers. DEVELOPMENT -------------------- Merged PRs: 11 merged PRs and 11 closed issues (8)(9) Lightning Network: 3.8 btc capacity, 1482 open channels, 883 nodes - 1.67 channels/node (10)(11) OTC VOLUME -------------------- OTC volume from my sources has fallen hard back to Sept levels. The price explains this, because the number of bitcoins traded is about the same. This is more of a retail investor number, and there's new competition for local bitcoins. GOOGLE TRENDS (14) -------------------- We are lower on google trends again. On a year chart, the term "bitcoin" is at 25 for the most current week. This is out of 100, being the most searched week in the last year. NEWS -------------------- The feeling in bitcoin has changed a little bit imo. Altcoin exuberance has been tempered. Bitcoin HODLers are patient. Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 RC4 The battle of smart contract platforms is starting. Petro scandal Now Turkish Crypto? Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, etc etc etc. Very bullish for the reserve currency, bitcoin. SOURCES -------------------- 1. Mayer Multiple: 2. CME futures: 3. Network Value to Transaction Ratio: 4. Network stats: 5. Difficulty: 6. Real time fees: 7. Visualization: 8. Bitcoin github stats: 9. Ranking: 10. LN testnet: 11. LN nodes: 12. LedgerX: 13. Gemini Auction: 14. Google trends "bitcoin": FOLLOW -------------------- Host: @AnselLindner Show: @btcmrkts We're on YouTube! THANK YOU LISTENERS! -------------------- Music by Joakim Karud and KVN