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Bitcoin & Markets

Apr 24, 2018

=== BITCOIN & MARKETS === Search the show on Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, and Stitcher Part of the World Crypto Network audio feed on Acast. New to bitcoin? Start here: **Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, do your own research.** All sources are below. ========================= SUPPORT THE SHOW! -------------------- Donate BTC, LTC, Paypal : Patreon is the best way : -------------------- JW Weatherman is the author of the Bitcoin Threat Model which is a milestone for professional development of bitcoin. You can find it at Follow JW on twitter, @weathermanIam, See him on Block Digest: JW'S READING LIST -------------------- The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous Cyphernomicon by Tim May For a New Liberty by Rothbard You can see his threat models of top tier cryptocurrencies here: -------------------- Thanks for the interview JW. Keep up the fight for liberty. Music by Ocean Ave