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Bitcoin & Markets

Sep 14, 2018

Top story lines: Bottom holds, on chain volumes are down, Lightning boomshell, Bitgo custodianship, Paxos and Gemini stablecoinsReport, patreon, show notes.Show notes and transcripts: | Stitcher | Google Play | RSSGET OUR FREE FUNDAMENTALS REPORTA weekly report with all the fundamentals you hear about on the show. Stay informed, and it's free.SUPPORT THE SHOW!No Ads + Member Content on PATREONBTC or PayPal DONATEGet 2 free audio books when you sign up on AudibleOur Big Page of Educational LinksPRICESPrice: $64711 finney: $0.65 $1: 1.5453 finneys | 15453 satsDaily 200 SMA: $7626Mayer Multiple: 0.849FUTURESOkex Futures: (Sep) $6386 | spread -$85 CME Futures: Sep $6330 | Oct $6380 | open interest 2,858 / 14,290 btcBitmex Futures: Sep $6430 | Dec $6417 SENTIMENT Longs / Shorts: 25,800 / 36,700 (0.70)Short remain elevatedMARKETMarket Cap: $111B Global Bitcoin MC: $198BMaximalist Price: $11,488 Volatility 30-day: 2.76%On chain vol (24h): 980,000 btc | $6.4B Avg tx val (24h): 4.15 btc | $26,800 kMedian tx Val (24h): 0.052 btc | $334 DEVELOPMENTCurrent release: 0.16.2 / 0.17 RC3Next major release est: 0.17.0 - Oct, 2018Merged PRs: 37Proposed PRs: 18 Closed issues: 9New Optech NewsletterLIGHTNING Capacity: 115.79 btc Channels: 12,430 Nodes: 3,454 NEWSLightning Network is possibly twice as large as we thinkTweet #1: “The price level of all monetary goods is determined by (and only by) reservation demand.”Tweet #2: Master vs Slave mentality. I also think of this as altcoiners/scammers always have a victim mentality.Regulated stablecoins are the threat, not ETFs and futures.Two new products from Paxos and GeminiGemini’s USDG is completely centralized and censorable. This is my worry.BitgoFOLLOW @AnselLindner | @btcmrkts | Instagram | Facebook THANK YOU LISTENERS!Huge list of episode sources Music by Tonezpro **DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice, do your own research.**