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Bitcoin & Markets

Oct 14, 2017

PoW! Bitcoin Market Update---Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. --- *** Amazing bull run, 2x is the longest comedy death, bgold Prices Bitstamp - $5681 3M Futures - $5987 spread - $306 Once again, the period of backwardation ends with a large rally. Market Cap - $94B Global MC - $174B Maximalist Price - $10478 Avg Tx Value - $4675 On chain Vol - $2.1B transacted on chain in 24 hrs Segwit % - 11% I'm expecting Difficulty to increase by singe digits in 12 hours after upload of this episode -5% or +6% Mempool - 12MB Got as high as 35MB in the last day, due to bcash mining profitability and anti-bitcoin miners not mining full blocks. That's ok, they are leaving money on the table. Localbitcoins - $48M transacted last week ~1500 btc/day Paxful volume hit $10M Total over $58M public OTC. This number is lower than I'd like, but consistent. Week ended 10/7 before this latest rally. So I expect this number to jump drastically. --- The Island Nation of Vanautu Demand -> Innovation -> Distribution -> Use Fedcoin - PBOC, IMF etc A result of people think bitcoin is a payments network, medium of exchange, but it's a store of value. National cryptos must remain centralized control, monetary policy, blockchain is inefficient, not anonymous, not fungible, etc. This 2x drama is a golden opportunity for us to expose anti-bitcoin companies, like Xapo, Blockchain[dot]info and BitPay have exposed themselves. Big new line we see being used is that they will follow the longest chain. This is a get out clause, but also VERY dangerous. Bgold I'm getting bullish for bgold for several reasons: 1) the gold bug appeal 2) altcoin appeal 3) air drop appeal 4) mining appeal, PoS eth hashrate 5) it's a friendly fork I will likely Hodl this air drop, because I expect it better than bcash, and set a good example for future forks. --- Thank you bitcoin