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Bitcoin & Markets

Sep 30, 2017

PoW! Bitcoin Market Update---SHARE and FOLLOW --- Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. --- Prices Bitstamp - $4284 3M Futures - $4304 spread - +$20 Market Cap - $71B Global MC - $146B Maximalist Price - $8835 Difficulty -4.5% or 4.8% in ~1day Bcash difficulty crashed again. They have 30 blocks an hour now. Estimated retarget in 4 days. Mempool - 2MB Avg Tx Value on chain - $2866 - I'd like to see this higher Localbitcoins - $59M transacted last week Paxful volume hit $9.9M Total over $70M public OTC Charlie Lee's Bet 1000 btc for B2X coins. Rekt. For the 2x debate, remember layer two devs will almost unanimously build on 1x. All the devs, all the future potential is there. 2x is losing signatories left and right. They are out in force to talk to save 2x right now. Don't listen to them, don't forget. --- South Korea SEC Begins ICO Slaughter - REcoin Bitcoin was built on the idea of decentralization. Many have tried to pervert blockchain to mean centralized services. That is being destroyed everywhere in the world. You must remain resistant to government attack with decentralization. Take the lesson and learn it well. IMF Lagarde Next level links: BitcoinJ's evolving story!topic/bitcoinj/-qHXPWTn2wU Chip exploit that could affect crypto --- Music by Joakim Karud