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Bitcoin & Markets

Nov 8, 2017

Bitcoin & Markets Update 11/8/17---Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. --- This is not investment advice people, do your own research, I say some crazy stuff on this show, it could all be psuedoscience. ---- Prices Bitstamp - $7501 The Finney: $0.75 3M Futures - $6958 spread - $550 Market Cap - $124.5B Global MC - $204B Maximalist Price - $12,247 Avg on chain tx value - $5440 BTC $ val tx'ed on chain (24h): $2.5B Difficulty: -29% or -5% Dan Robinson - The Cost of Supporting the B2X Fork Mempool: 10MB OTC $10M (1400) in the last 24 hours on localbitcoins. Last week Localbitcoins: $65M/wk - nearly an ATH, only 1 week higher 71M Paxful: $9M/wk LedgerX: $2.4M/wk - New. These are next day fully collaterized swaps. On track for $2.5M Total public OTC data: $76.4M/wk --- Parity shut down - "I accidentily killed it." Tuur vs Vitalik - Centralized Bcash forks - Great watch Block Digest - --- Thank you bitcoin