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Bitcoin & Markets

Dec 31, 2017

Bitcoin & Markets Update 12/31/17---New to bitcoin? Looking for more info? Do your own research! Start here. --- THIS SHOW IS SUPPORTED BY LISTENERS LIKE YOU! $2-5/mo. or to donate bitcoin, litecoin or paypal --- Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, do your own research, this is all psuedoscience. ---- PRICES Bitstamp: $13,200 1 finney: $1.32 Mayer Multiple: $6102 = 2.1 3M Futures: $14,000 spread: + $700 or 5% CME Futures 3M - $14,470 MARKET SIZE and METRICS Market Cap: $238 B Global MC: $588 B Maximalist Price: $35,065 BTC dollar value tx'ed on-chain (24h): $3.9 B NETWORK STATS Difficulty: +3% 15 hours - New stats and look, I like it. Mempool: 9MB, JoHoe's site says 175MB, big discrep but has to do with size of fee Merged PRs: 5 merged PRs and 17 closed issues OTC VOLUME Localbitcoins: $133.9M/wk Paxful: $9.8M/wk LedgerX: $3.9M/wk Total public OTC data: $147M/wk last PSA: Centralized exchanges are invasive, slow and outside your control. Check out p2p exchanges like --- Ripple Centralized supply Centralized control over dev Centralized validation Roger Ver is always involved with these malicious altcoins FINCEN mandated KYC/AML layer Fees don't matter, because ripple is burned There's no fundamental value to xrp XRP is supposed to be used as a fee to carry other tokens from banks and stuff Ripple isn't a cryptocurrency, it's a bankster coin Theory Ripple could be an innocent altcoin pump, but I doubt it. If I were a bank or govt with a printing press, I'd try to confuse people by pumping altcoins. Bitcoin is what I'm worried about. If Ripple had any value, the banks would fork it and run it themselves. They can't lose control of their transactions to a decentralized system. Amir Taaki and Vitalik tweets Blockchains are just a part of a balanced system. If you don't have a value token, PoW, decentralization or a need for government resistance, you don't need a blockchain. Blockchains are INEFFICIENT. They are dumb solutions, unless you have all four of the conditions above. --- Host on twitter: @AnselLindner and the show: @btcmrkts --- We're on YouTube! --- Thank you bitcoin. We are all Satoshi. Run a Full Node. Music by Joakim Karud and Choys